Application notes WondaLips

The worship of the lips in today's society to be a global player. Women do not want to tolerate longer and longer, thin lips, giving the face a sad and evil expression, and by all means try to give you the desired amount.

A large part of women think that lip enhancement can be reached only with the help of injections and surgery, but actually it is not. WondaLips – innovative French development, which is capable of the lips to the desired volume in just 5 minutes.

Areas of application WondaLips

It is a means for lip augmentation and for the care, it is recommended. The high content of vitamins and minerals allows you to get the full effect, well-maintained lips. Use the cream in the cases, if you observe the following phenomena:

Use WondaLips if you are deficient volume of the lips, peeling, cracking, dryness
  • Inadequate Lips,
  • Deep Cracks,
  • the asymmetry of the shape,
  • Peeling,
  • the appearance of wrinkles on the lips,
  • down lower mouth-angle,
  • the feeling of dryness on the lips.

Cream to eliminate the above-mentioned symptoms, improve your appearance, ensure that the diet and the inner filling with moisture. The medium also helps very well the beauty of the lips after the injections of hyaluronic acid – so you can save the effect after the procedure, much longer.

How to Gel

In each pack of the drug, detailed instructions for use. You use the Tool as follows:

  • you give a small amount of cream from the Tube;
  • apply on the skin of the lips and spread on the entire surface;
  • wait until the cream is absorbed;
  • repeat this process 3-4 times per day.
The Transfiguration of our lips, literally before your eyes. Sensual, smooth and bulky – so you are already after 5 minutes. Lip augmentation with cream WondaLips - a quick and safe way for your beauty!


The medium consists of natural components that do not cause allergic reactions. Do not use medium in case of the presence of traces of communicable diseases, such as Herpes, deep wounds, traumatic character, in the case of individual sensitivity to the components of the drug.

You can buy the cream for the creation of beautiful and sensual lips WondaLips in Italy you can on the official Website of the manufacturer. The goods will receive a discount of 50%. The number of promotional items is limited. With Cream WondaLips Your lips are perfect!