Lip augmentation gloss, balm and lipstick

One of the latest popular trends is plump lips. Most girls resort to painful injections to meet modern standards of beauty. But there are less radical ways to add volume to the lips.

Lip balm for enlargement

Cosmetic companies responded immediately, launching entire lines of lip augmentation products. These include: glosses, lipsticks and balms. There are also a number of cosmetic tricks that can give the lips the desired look.

Lip enhancement products

Recently, lip augmentation is a new trend. They began to increase them not only with the help of surgeries, but also with the use of cosmetics, namely: shine, balms and lipsticks. They are not inferior in effect to injections, but do not require expensive procedures.

Glosses, lipsticks and balms for increasing volume make lips plump not only because of the radiant effect, but also thanks to the components they contain. Ingredients contained in cosmetics cause a slight irritation of the skin and increase its volume.

Add to glosses, lipsticks and balms:

  • Ginger;
  • Cinammon;
  • capsaicin;
  • Flamer with amino acids etc.

Lip gloss or lipstick with pepper extract provide faster and more visible results. With constant use, such cosmetics will not harm and will not cause side effects.

Before buying any cosmetic product, you need to understand the principle of its action. There are two types of lip augmentation without the intervention of a beautician:

  • stimulation of blood flow;
  • the use of substances that penetrate the skin.

Drugs that can stimulate blood flow contain certain irritants. Such cosmetics contain not only an extract of burning plants or oils, but can also contain ground pepper juice. Therefore, when choosing it, it is worth considering the body's reaction to certain components, since they can provoke an allergic reaction. The maturity of the funds is short, but the price is low. The advantage of cosmetics based on natural ingredients is that in addition to volume, they give a rich natural color.

The composition of products that penetrate the skin must necessarily contain hyaluronic acid or collagen. It is these substances that determine the rather high price of the product. In some cases, they are supplemented with natural ingredients.

Before you buy lipstick, gloss or balm, you need to consider a few important things:

  1. Enhancement balm does not contain dyes. They prevent the penetration of hyaluronic acid or collagen into the skin, which does not have the effect of plump lips.
  2. A quality product resembles a cream or balm and has no shine. Vaseline or wax, which add shine, do not allow the necessary substances to penetrate the skin.
  3. A good quality product should not be absorbed for more than 10 minutes.

When using different enlargers, attention should be paid to the right lip care. They need constant hydration, making peeling masks, and sometimes taking a break from layers of cosmetics.

The most obvious and affordable remedy is a balm. It is used not only as a moisturizer, but also as a fixing finish for base makeup. It gives volume and sensuality to the lips, creating a shiny effect.


Most voluminous lipsticks contain hyaluronic acid. Magnifying lipstick has intense moisture and gives a slight puffiness. The more mother-of-pearl particles in it, the stronger the effect will be.

A good tool for volume are matte lipsticks. However, it is worth choosing pastel and flesh tones, since wine or dark colors can visually reduce the size of the lips several times. When applying this type of cosmetics, it is necessary to thoroughly moisturize and exfoliate the lips, since the matte lipstick has a drying effect.

Quality lipstick is a guaranteed way to add volume. In combination with glitter it creates a stunning effect. In order to properly and harmlessly enlarge the lips with lipstick, it is important to choose the right option. In most cases, they contain hyaluronate, which is absorbed into the skin and creates a swelling effect. This is an alternative option for those who do not want hyaluronic acid injection.

With the help of various lipsticks, you can increase the size of the lips, namely:

  1. Red lipstick. It visually increases the volume of the lips. Dark scarlet color is applied to the entire surface with a deep layer, classic red is applied to the middle and everything is fixed with gloss.
  2. 3D effect. The effect of plump lips is created with the help of highlighter powder and lipstick with a mother-of-pearl finish. Lipstick is applied in the usual way, and highlighter powder is applied to the joints, top and middle.
  3. right light. Here you can do without gloss and lipstick and use a liquid highlighter and a stick that suits your skin. The lips are outlined with a pencil, the highlighter is applied to the cupid's bow and under the lower lip. Next, the pencil is shaded and dabbed with a second layer.