Experience in the use WondaLips

The beauty of birth is not given, all, sometimes a small obstacle on the way to a dream can be a disadvantage. Your experiences with WondaLips together with Victoria from Cardiff, made thanks to the application of funds is a step in the direction of the dream.

Lips Victoria before and after the increase with whipped cream Wondalips

"I've always dreamed of a celebrity. In early childhood I knew that I was a famous man. Around me always praised for my artistic data and the ability to communicate with all people. I have long chosen where to go to learn, even thought to go to the University of film art, but, nevertheless, opted for journalism, with the firm intention, after graduating, a Job in television.

I studied diligently, and in the middle of the course I came for an internship on the famous channel, and then remained there as assistant Editor. My work liked me, but I dreamed of becoming a leading program. I knew that I need to work on more than your appearance. I was very attractive, but my lips do not have enough volume. I often saw itself in the mirror and imagine that you are enlarged, and how attractive that was true my face.

A Job on the television only with the perfect look

I knew that only with a perfect look, I get my dream job. The competition I had a very serious – all the leading distinguished by the beauty and excellent professional skills. I noticed that all of the same appearance was the deciding factor – many employees on the canal, not good, the beauty, and the assistant remained.

In the meantime, you began to look – hairstyle, changed, attended a course to improve the condition of the skin, and finally turn the tide against the lips. I consulted several specialists – all make for providing me with the lip enhancement injections and in half a year, bring my lips to the desired result. I'm stupid all the advantages and disadvantages of this method and realized that it fits me: expensive, long, painful, and dangerous.

I began to read the information on the Internet about Alternative ways and saw a review on the cream WondaLips. The result surprised me – the girl showed photos before and after, and the result was really impressive. Her lips looked full, had a clear structure and a incredibly attractive look. I ordered without hesitation, a cream.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen – the secret of the effectiveness of WondaLips

Victoria took advantage of WondaLips for lip augmentation

Application instructions Tools described in detail, such as your cream. The secret of the effect of the cream WondaLips the large concentration of hyaluronic acid, collagen, was and auxiliary substances, which help the penetration into the deeper layers of the skin. The result I noticed after the first application.

My lips smooth, supple and voluminous be. No particular sensations during the application I didn't feel a thing, except a slight chill. I used the cream several times a day, and about two weeks ago, the increase is even significantly different.

This small change in appearance greatly changed my face and made it more harmonious. Finally, my lips rose as I wanted. WondaLips very economical: two weeks took about 10% of the original volume of the medium.

Lips look perfect, as in its natural Form, as well as with the lipstick. I'm much more confident in herself and is now even better fulfill their tasks. After two months, the head itself to me was trying on the role of the moderator. I'm trying to successfully and received a dream job. Thank You Cream WondaLips".